CAD Mini Projects

Why not put these somewhere?


This ring was designed in Fusion 360 (which I would say is much is much better thought out and more intuitive than solidworks) and was a Christmas present. The design was created using component subtraction from a “comfort fit” style ring. I don’t think there’s much to more to say about it so I will let the photos speak for themselves!

Fusion 360 Render of the Ring


This is one of the first claw prototypes from Robot Competition. It was created with Onshape (I still think Fusion360 is king).


Woa! Look at that sexy beast! This enclosure was originally for UBC solar car to house our Nomura MPPTs and other circuits, but this was abandoned. I included it here only because I’ve been enjoying rendering things and oh my, that blue acrylic is absolutely sexy in the pale moonlight.


I did not create this, but I think it’s fun to see the perks of being friends with other engineering students. This is Gabriel waterjet cutting sheriff badges for our cowboy party!

Life is great.

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