This art project was designed and created by the talented Nico Woodward and Nathyn Sanche at eatART Vancouver. Our team of engineering students were brought along to help control the thing. See more of Chrysafly here.

I was going to do a more technical write up for Chrysafly, similar to that of the robot competition, but I really didn’t see the value in it, so I will just add some pictures.

I was recruited to help Emma Gray and Michelle Khoo work on the wing calibration (position sensing using the encoders and manipulation of the wings). This included the controller circuit (below) and attempts at waterproof electronic enclosures.

Testing of the Multiplexer Circuit for controls. The Arduino inputs were limited with the addition of the motor drivers.

This beast is driven by two Arduinos, each with a Pololu Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver. The 4 attached motors pull the wings with string, as seen from Nico’s prototype:

Nico showing off his prototype
Lower Wings Completed


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