Engineering Portfolio


This art project was designed and created by the talented Nico Woodward and Nathyn Sanche at eatART Vancouver. Our team of engineering students were brought along to help control the thing. See more of Chrysafly here. I was going to do a more technical write up for Chrysafly, similar to that of the robot competition, … Continue reading Chrysafly

CAD Mini Projects

Why not put these somewhere? Ring: This ring was designed in Fusion 360 (which I would say is much is much better thought out and more intuitive than solidworks) and was a Christmas present. The design was created using component subtraction from a “comfort fit” style ring. I don’t think there’s much to more to … Continue reading CAD Mini Projects

Computer Vision Project

(UBC ENPH 353 Course Report) Keywords: Robot Operating System (ROS), Keras, OpenCV Hello all. Welcome. This is half a log book for the ENPH 353 course. It will focus on my contribution to the project (the computer vision portion). Shoutout to Gosha Maruzhenko for providing navigation and making sure we don’t hit any pedestrians. Github … Continue reading Computer Vision Project

Simple tDCS Device: a Start

Disclaimer: don’t build one of these, but if you do, this design is probably better than everything thus far on the internet, but maybe not. Ultimately I am not responsible for anything you do or build. Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a technology used to treat a variety of ailments, especially anxiety and depression. … Continue reading Simple tDCS Device: a Start